Neuro modeling AI

The price of book How intelligence talk to people „Neuro modeling AI“ is 963 CZK.

In Czech or English, 2021.


The price of ebook 21st CENTURY – The dialog has changed  is 99 CZK.

In English, 2019.

The dialog has changed

The price of book Transactional synthesis METILA® is 369 CZK.

In Czech, 2016.

How intelligence talk to people „Neuro modeling AI“

The main topic of the popular science book is advanced scientific neuromodelling of dialogue in the space of artificial neural network intelligence. In the book, the author combines the power of his method based on the METILA® Transactional Synthesis theory with an understanding of human consciousness. In connection with this, it brings know-how thanks to many years of experience applied to conversational design, its computational processing and evaluation of datasets. With book know-how and a cloud application, you will learn how to create and test chatbots even without programming knowledge. Somewhere here the idea of ​​intuitive artificial consciousness is born, which will not be limited as human by its evolutionary adaptations. As a result, such is strong artificial intelligence and its information superiority.

Transactional synthesis METILA® 21st CENTURY – The dialog has changed

Artificial intelligence can accomplish extraordinary things, something that was own only to humans.  It is a deep insight into the mystery of a dialogue that is useful in appropriate interpretation in present situation. We can also give someone a possibility to decide.  In communication, every significance is linguistically defined by an ordinal map of connections created at a certain moment. In the same way, we can transfer our needs with the method of mental models into maps of our visions.  Such map can be connected to the artificial intelligence of a robot by cryptographical transformation. Any emotional block, social habit or cultural meme becomes a part one’s their social life. This connects human society for as long as we remember. And now, in the same manner, humans will connect with speaking robots.

Author´s preface

Popular science publication sets the goal of introducing the reader to the world of cooperation of a human being with the artificial intelligence in an adequate readable way. Simultaneously, the author narrows down the interaction to a dialogue in which he is focusing on the content part of information transfer. It involves interdisciplinary views at the intersection of cybernetics, social science and natural science with the emphasis on the technological and social part of reality.


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The book II. – „Neuromodeling“ – 2021

The book is about how to create neuromodels TSM, how to solve Poincar’s presumption in multidimensionalities, how human speech and its secrets are concealed in the neurons of the artificial brain.

Interview with the patron of the book

New ebook – May 2019

The book is sold out. The reprint of the book was ready. You can order the book and the newly published ebook in English by the form, see above.

Video from the book launch

The book launch – June 2017

The ceremonial book launch took place on the 9th June 2017 with the support of the Czech Academy of Sciences at the Science Fair 2017. After the launch a discussion with Martin Kočárek a TV NOVA moderator took place.

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